Important news for policyholders! The government made new rules for insurance-related complaints


Insurance policyholders Ombudsman Rules: For the immediate resolution of complaints, the government has changed the rules of the Insurance Ombudsman. Policyholders will get these facilities under the new rules.

In today’s time, most people have taken insurance policy, in such a situation, the government has made new rules related to insurance, reducing the problem of policy holders. Under the new rules, customers can lodge complaints related to the insurance company online. Also, you can track the status of your complaints online. Explain that the government on Wednesday notified amendments to the Insurance Ombudsman Rules, 2017 for insurance related complaints and fair resolution.

The Finance Ministry said in a statement that under the revised rules, complaints can be made from disputes between the insurance company and the policy holder, ranging from deficiencies in service on behalf of agents and other middlemen.

Policyholders will get this facility

Policyholders can now submit complaints electronically to Ombudsman as well as track the status of their complaints online. The Finance Ministry has issued a notice in this regard saying that the rules have been changed. Under this, insurance companies will have to create a Compliant Management System, so that policyholders can track the status of their complaints online.

There will also be the facility for video conferencing.

With this new rule, insurance brokers will also come under the purview of Lokpal. Customers can also use the video conferencing facility for the Lokpal hearing. The statement said that amendments have been made to preserve the independence and integrity of the Lokpal’s selection process. The selection committee will now include a person with a track record of promoting customer rights or advancing customer safety in the insurance sector.

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Suggested last year

Last year, the parliamentary panel suggested a mechanism to solve insurance complaints. The parliamentary panel had said that as the Insurance Ombudsman, a change in the system of dispute and grievance is required.

what is an insurance ombudsman (Bima Lokpal) :

Insurance Ombudsman Scheme implemented by the Government of India. Its purpose is to address the complaints of insured customers and their problems. The offices of the Insurance Ombudsman have been set up in 17 cities of the country. Each office has its own jurisdiction. You can contact the Ombudsman with the relevant jurisdiction according to the area of ​​the office of the insurance company to which you have a complaint.

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