Income Tax Filing: Last date for filing Income Tax Return is 31st July, know the process of online return filing

ITR TDS Refund Status

Income Tax Filing Last date: The deadline for filing Income Tax Return (ITR) for the financial year 2021-22 is July 31. Now only one month is left. Therefore, you should complete the work of ITR filing soon. Last minute filing should be avoided. There are many benefits of filing returns before the deadline. Let us know for whom it is necessary to file ITR by 31st July.

If your total annual income from salary is up to Rs 50 lakh, have a house and have other sources of income, then you have to file ITR-1 form before 31st July. You can do ITR filing online. For this, one has to visit the official website of Income Tax Department ( You have to login with ID and Password. Usually PAN or Aadhaar is the User ID.

Income Tax Filing Last date: Let us understand the online return filing process step by step:

First of all log-in to the official website of Income Tax,

Go to ‘E-File’ and select Income Tax Return.

Select ‘File Income Tax Return’ from the menu.

Select Financial Year 2021-22.

Select ‘Online’ in the Mode of Filing option.

Then click on ‘Let’s get Started’.

Select the applicable region of ITR filing and click on ‘Continue Option’.

Then you have to validate 5 tabs. These include personal information, gross total income, total deductions, taxes paid and total tax liability. You have to validate these with the ‘Let’s validate your pre-filled return’ option.

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Then go to Return Summary and check that all the 5 tabs appearing in this option are showing Confirm. After checking 5 tabs click on ‘Proceed’.

You can see your tax summary (Nil, payable and refund) in Tax Summary.

Then go to the declaration tab and fill the information asked there. After that click on ‘Preview Return’ option.

After checking that all the information has been filled correctly, you have to click on the ‘Proceed To Validation’ option. If you see wrong information somewhere, you can correct it. For this you have to use ‘Edit’ option.

After validating the ITR correctly, you will also have to verify it. You can do this online through Aadhar OTP, Net Banking etc. You can also do it offline if you want. For this you have to take a print out of ITR-V. It has to be signed and posted at the address of CPC, Income Tax Department, Bengaluru. You have to do this work within 120 days of return filing.

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