Indian Railway: Now TTE cannot check your train ticket, know the new rules of railways

Indian Railway New Rules

Indian Railway New Rules Good news, now TTE cannot check your train ticket. You will be surprised to know this. But it is true that TTE will no longer be able to check your ticket. Know the new rules of Railway IRCTC.

In Indian Railways train travel, every passenger wants his journey to be comfortable and pleasant, but this does not happen. It is often seen that people have to face trouble regarding noise, ticket checking, or seat on trains. If you do not like to travel by train then no one can disturb you. According to the rules of Indian Railways, if you are sleeping during the journey, even the TTE cannot pick you up while you are sleeping. If a passenger is traveling on the train since morning, then TTE cannot disturb you after 10 pm. It is clear that TTE cannot force train passengers to show tickets or IDs after 10 pm. Know what are the rules of railways…

These are the Indian Railway New Rules

When can TTE check tickets? And what rights have the railways given to TTE. Everything every train traveler needs to know. TTE has the right to check the tickets of passengers only between 6 am to 10 pm. That is, for the passengers who are traveling since the morning, TTE can also wake them from sleep because TTE has a list of all the passengers, in which they know which seat, which journey, where to where. up to. That is, the tickets of the passengers traveling in the morning would have been checked in the morning itself. According to the guidelines of the Railway Board, if a passenger boards the train after 10 pm, then the TTE has the right to come and check your ticket and ID.

Know when the middle berth passenger can sleep?

You must have noticed that most of the time during the journey there are some passengers who are traveling in the lower berth and talk of sleeping after 10 pm. In such a situation, the passengers reserved in the middle berth not only have to get up to wait for him but also have to wait for his mercy.

Rights of middle berth passenger?

According to the rules of the Railways, passengers traveling in the middle berth can sleep after opening their seats after 10 pm. Also, after 6 in the morning, the passengers with the middle berth have to open the seat, so that the passengers below in the morning can sit on their seat and travel at their convenience.

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What is the two-stop rule?

There is also a rule of two stops on the railway. That is, if a passenger is traveling in a train and has not reached his seat, TTE cannot allot your seat to another passenger for the next two stops of the train or for the next one hour. This means that if the passenger does not reach the seat till the next 2 stations of your boarding station, TTE will assume that the passenger of the reserved seat did not catch the train and after crossing the third stop TTE will allot your seat to another will do it.

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