Infused water helps you to keep your body hydrated in summer, know How to make it, and its benefits

infused water

Infused water: To keep the body healthy, it is very important to drink water in every season. But its need increases even more during the summer days. Doctors also advise a healthy person to drink eight glasses of water a day. But there are many people who, despite knowing this, are not able to drink a sufficient quantity of water. Due to which they are at risk of many problems. Such people can resort to infused water to meet the lack of water in the body and detox it. 

This will not only fulfill the lack of water in the body but will also help in transporting nutrients to the body. You can prepare it according to your test and convenience. If you do not know what infused water is and how it is made. So come Here we tell you about infused water. By which you too can consume it to keep the body hydrated during these days of summer.

What is Infused Water and how to make it?

Infused Water is prepared from different types of fruits, vegetables, and herb extracts. To make this, you can also choose things according to your choice and taste. For this, fruits, vegetables, and herbs are soaked in water for a few hours. Then they are filtered and water is used. In this way, the nutrients of those things get into the water, so that the water becomes nutritious and tasty. Here are the things that are most used to make infused water.

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Wash twenty-twenty-five leaves of basil and put it in a jug of water. Keep this water like this for three to four hours. If you want, you can also keep it in the fridge. You can consume it by filtering this water. Wash about twenty-five leaves of

Basil and lemon

Take Basil leaves and put them in a jug of water. Cut thin slices of lemon in it. Keep this water like this for three to four hours. After that filter it and consume it.

Cucumber, lemon and mint leaves

Wash and clean a cucumber, a lemon, and about twenty-five mint leaves. Cut thin slices of cucumber and lemon. Put all these things in a jug of water for three to four hours. Dissolve it and eat.

Lemon, Cucumber, Peppermint and Strawberry

Wash the lemon, cucumber and strawberries and cut them into thin slices. Also, wash fifteen-twenty leaves of mint. Put them all in a jug of water and keep them for three to four hours. If you like the taste of mint, then grind four to five leaves and mix it with water. By filtering this water, you can consume it whenever you want.

Take ginger, cinnamon and lemon,

two inch piece of ginger, one lemon and two inch piece of cinnamon. Cut thin slices of ginger and lemon. Put it in a jug of water as well as cinnamon in it. After three to four hours, filter and consume this water.

You can also prepare infused water like this

You can also use apple and cinnamon, basil and cucumber, orange, lemon, cucumber, and mint combinations for infused water as per your taste.

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