Insomnia: Can’t Sleep at Night? Include These Things in Your Lifestyle


Insomnia Home Remedies For Good Sleep: Due to a bad lifestyle, stress, etc., many people are struggling with the problem of Insomnia these days. Such people do not get sleep at night and even if it comes, many times sleep is disturbed till they wake up in the morning. According to Healthline, due to these reasons, they feel tired throughout the day and feel mentally stressed. For many people, this is a problem for a few days. But there are many people who are struggling with this problem for a long time. In such a situation, the problem of depression, anxiety, excessive stress, etc starts increasing rapidly in them.

If you are also facing such a problem, then here are some home remedies that you can follow to overcome this problem. Let us know what are those remedies.

1. Do Meditation

Sit in a quiet and empty place and take a deep breath. Close your eyes and feel your breath. You start this process from 5 minutes and take it for 20 minutes. If you do this daily then you will find that your stress is decreasing, And you are able to control your own emotions. By doing this your sleep will also be better and you will be able to sleep at night without any disturbance.

2. Mantras and Chanting

This is a great way to calm the mind. If you are not able to sleep at night, then chant some mantra. If you do not know any mantra then you can chant Om. In no time you will feel better and you will fall asleep.

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3. Do Yoga

For better sleep, practice yoga for 20 minutes every day. Not only does it relax your muscles, your mind also calms down. It would be better if you take information about different asanas from a yoga expert. Within a few days you will feel better and your night’s sleep will be better.

4. Do Exercise Daily

Research has found that if you exercise 150 minutes every week for six months, then your sleep makes a big difference and you will be able to sleep soundly throughout the night.

5. Take Massage

Research has found that the problem of sleep can be overcome with massage therapy. It is also helpful in removing pain, discomfort etc.

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