iPhone 12 became very cheap, you can buy it for Rs 24,900, know the full deal


iPhone 12: If you are planning to buy an Apple iPhone, then there is a good offer on the iPhone 12. Though this smartphone will be more than a year old now, still getting it at affordable pricing makes it a good deal. You can buy this smartphone for less than many Android phones. The company launched the iPhone 12 in the year 2020 at a price of Rs 79,900 and reduced its price with the launch of the iPhone 13.

iPhone 12 Price

At present, its original price is Rs 65,900, but you can buy this phone at a price of up to Rs 24,900. Apple’s premium reseller Aptronix is ​​offering great offers on this phone, After which you can buy it at such a low price. You are getting a discount, cashback and exchange offer on iPhone 12. That is, due to all these, you can save 41 thousand rupees. Let’s know the details of this deal.

What is the offer?

Aptronix is ​​offering a flat discount of Rs.9,900 on this handset, for which you neither need any card nor any coupon. After this discount, the price of the 64GB storage variant of the iPhone 12 becomes 56 thousand rupees. Now if you are an ICICI Bank, Kotak Bank, or SBI cardholder, then you can also get a cashback of Rs 5000. That is, if you add it, then this phone becomes 51 thousand rupees.

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Getting Exchange Offer?

The offer doesn’t end there. Aptronix is ​​also offering an exchange offer on this phone, in which you can exchange your old phone. If you exchange iPhone 11 with Aptronix, then you will get an exchange value of Rs 23,100 on it. However, for this, your iPhone 11 should be in good condition. Also, Aptronix is ​​offering you a bonus of Rs 3000, after which the value of the old phone increases from Rs 23,100 to Rs 26,100.

Also, this offer is there

If you now deduct the exchange account from the value of the phone, then the total value reaches Rs 24,900. In this way, you can buy this phone at the most affordable pricing. Aptronix says that it is offering users an e-voucher worth Rs 5000 on the purchase of iPhone 12. However, it is not known whether it will work as an e-voucher. Note that this offer will be available offline and is only for Delhi NCR.

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