IRCTC Indian Railway: If This Code is Written in Your Railway Ticket Then The Ticket will be Confirmed

Indian Railway IRCTC

IRCTC Indian Railway: Rail is the axis of transport in India. From business class to daily wage laborers also travel in it and get tickets for the journey according to their budget. If the ticket is confirmed before the journey, then bat-bat. But if the waiting is left then the problem is different. 

We must have booked tickets in Sleeper, 2S, and AC before our journey. But have you ever noticed what RNWL, CKWL mean? Because there is no information on the reservation ticket of the train, which we ignore, but this tells us what is the status of our ticket. So let us know what is the meaning of the word written in the category of waiting tickets.

IRCTC Indian Railway Waiting Status

PNR: It means Passenger Name Record. This reservation is written on the top left side of the ticket. In this, one to nine digits of the beginning tell which zone the train belongs to. The second digit is that of the station concerned, which tells from where the passenger will board and where he has to get down. Apart from this, the complete details of seat number, number of passengers, arriving station are kept safe with the railways.

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GNWL: This word written in short form in the ticket means General Waiting List. This is the most common code on the waiting list when a passenger starts a journey from a station or nearby station. This means that such a ticket will be confirmed soon.

TQWL: Before the year 2016 Tatkal Quota List is known as CKWL Code which is now changed to TQWL which means Tatkal Quota, Waiting List. If a confirmed ticket is canceled, then the person with such a ticket gets the first priority to get a confirmed seat.

RAC: It means Reservation Against Cancellation. That is, if the ticket is not confirmed before the journey, then it will be automatically canceled and the money of the passenger concerned will come into his bank account.

PQWL: It means Pooled Quota, Waiting List. That is, for smaller stations, the quota of confirmed seats is issued. If the confirmed ticket is canceled at any station for the confirmation of the said ticket in that class, then the ticket of the passenger having PQWL becomes confirmed.

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