Is there a Deficiency of Protein in Your Body? Know What are Its Symptoms

Protein Rich Food diet

Symptoms Of Protein Deficiency:  Protein is a very important element for a healthy body. It acts as a building block for our muscles, skin, enzymes and hormones. Not only this, it also acts as an essential essential in the formation of all body tissues. In such a situation, when there is not enough protein intake according to the need of the body, then it is called protein deficiency. According to Healthline , around one billion people worldwide are suffering from protein deficiency. Most of these people are from Central Africa and South Asia. This problem is commonly seen in children, old people and patients.

These are the symptoms of protein deficiency

– If you have swelling in your face, skin, stomach etc. then it may be that there is a lack of protein in your body.

If even after all the efforts, the beauty of the hair is going away and the hair is becoming dry, lifeless, then it can also be a symptom of protein deficiency.

Due to the lack of protein in the body, the muscles start absorbing protein from the bones to meet their needs. Due to this weakness comes in the bones, the muscles have to spend more energy. Because of this, there is a complaint of muscle pain.

Due to the lack of calcium, the nails break again and again and the beauty of the nails starts decreasing. Not only this, sometimes there is infection inside the nails and they become black and weak.

Fatigue is experienced all the time due to lack of protein. Actually, protein acts like a fuel in our body and it is only through its absorption that the body gets energy.

If you fall ill immediately and your immunity is low, then one of the reasons for this is lack of protein.

Many times our body suddenly starts feeling bloated and fat which can actually be due to lack of protein. Due to lack of protein, the body does not get enough energy and due to which there is additional stress in making energy.

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Effect of protein deficiency in tissues

If there is not enough protein supply in the body, then many other diseases caused by infectious diseases and bacteria-viruses surround it.

Due to lack of protein, the growth of children stops, so protein rich food must be included in children’s food.

The healing process slows down due to lack of protein. The circulation of blood in the body is affected and there is a delay in the formation of new cells.

Here is How to remove protein deficiency

To avoid lack of protein in the body, include milk and eggs in the food. If you eat non-veg, then you can eat fish or seafood three to four days a week. Apart from this, include protein rich food in your diet.

How much protein is needed

According to Healthline, protein is needed on the basis of everyone’s needs. For example body weight, physical activity, age, etc. Research found that the elderly and athletes are most in need of protein

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