ITR Filing: Do not make this mistake in order to save tax

ITR filing AY 2023-24

ITR Filing: The last date for filing income tax returns is coming closer and now taxpayers have only 1 week left to file ITR, as July 31 is the last date. If you have not filed ITR till now, then complete this work immediately. But, take special care of one thing that does not use any kind of fake document during filing. Actually, people often do this in order to save tax. Fake house rent receipts, additional claims for home loans, and fake claims regarding donations.

Some tax consultants also give wrong advice to taxpayers to save income tax. But, this mistake can put you in trouble, especially for employed people. In fact, the Income Tax Department is now resorting to software to check fake documents in ITR filing. With the help of this, it will be easy to catch those income taxpayers who have submitted fake documents in ITR.

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The income Tax Department is sending notices
According to the report of Times Now, sources said that Income Tax Department officials sent notices to these taxpayers asking them to provide documentary evidence to claim tax exemption. These notices have been given for exemption under house rent allowance under section 10(13A) for salaried individuals. Allowance under section 10(14) for hiring an assistant for carrying out official duties or interest paid on a home loan is eligible for deduction under section 24(b) of the IT Act.

The Income Tax Department is also examining the claims of donations made by taxpayers. The figures for donations given to religious institutions are being tallied. In April this year too, notices were issued to 8,000 taxpayers who had given fake information in the name of charity. Earlier it was easy to dodge the Income Tax officials, whereas at present many people may face a tough time as their returns will be scrutinized by the new software by the revenue department.

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