Jiophone Next RIL-Google’s Smartphone will be available in the market from September 10, Know Everything

Jiophone Next

Jiophone Next: Reliance Industries, during its 44th Annual General Meeting (Reliance 44th AGM) in association with Google, launched its ultra-affordable smartphone JioPhone Next. This smartphone of Reliance and Google will be available in the market from 10th September 2021 on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. In this smartphone, all the apps of Google and Reliance Jio will open and work. It is believed that JioPhone Next will be the world’s cheapest smartphone, not only in India. Let us know what features will be available to the customers on this smartphone.

Android updates will be available from time to time in JioPhone Next, JioPhone

Next is equipped with Cutting Edge Technology and the optimized version of the Android operating system (Android OS). Users can also download apps from Google Play on the JioPhone Next smartphone specially made for the Indian market. Users will get the best camera in this smartphone. Along with this, Android updates will also be available from time to time. Let us tell you that Reliance Jio partnered with Google last year to develop this Ultra Affordable Smartphone.

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Will be launched in India first, then will be sold worldwide

This smartphone of Reliance Jio and Google will be launched in India first. After this, it will be sold all over the world. The picture of JioPhone Next was presented at Reliance’s AGM. Along with this, some of its features were also veiled. This phone has a full-touch display, while the power and volume buttons are on the right side of the device. This phone will support a voice assistant and will come with a smart camera. Its camera will support augmented reality (AR) reality filters. Along with this, the feature of language translation has also been given in it.

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