Know Why Ultrasound Scan is Important For Fertility Treatment

fertility treatment

Fertility Treatment: Ultrasound is most common during pregnancy. Ultrasound is used to know the position of the baby at the beginning and in the middle of pregnancy. With the help of this, the position of the baby and its development is known, but do you know that the treatment of fertility Ultrasound is also used.

How is the test For fertility testing and treatment

Most ultrasounds are done transvaginally (through the vagina) with a thin special stick. Although this ultrasound is not painful, it can be a little uncomfortable. During an infertility test, an ultrasound scan can provide information about the ovaries, endometrial lining, and uterus. The Ovarian reserve, size of the uterus can be evaluated in more detail with specialized ultrasound. Apart from this, it can also be detected if the fallopian tubes are open or blocked. The thickness and follicle development of the endometrial layer of fertility treatment can also be detected.

These are the things the fertility doctor sees during the infertility ultrasound scan. 

The position and appearance of the reproductive organs
Ultrasound will help your doctor to know your entire reproductive system. Are all parts normal for reproduction? Because some people are born without ovaries. Sometimes these organs are not even in the expected place or may be located in an unusual way.


ultrasound technique will examine your ovaries. In this, it will be known whether the cysts on the ovary are normal or not. Multiple small cysts can be a sign of the polycystic ovarian syndrome. 

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Antral follicle count

This may be part of a normal fertility ultrasound scan. Antral follicles are a specific type of follicle found in the ovaries. Very low antral follicle count or abnormally high antral follicle count (PCOS) both can cause infertility. Uterus, fallopian tubes, blood flow will be detected. After all these tests, the doctor will start treating fertility. 

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