Learn about the GoodWorker application With the help of which Sonu Sood will give jobs to 1 lakh unemployed

GoodWorker Application

GoodWorker application: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has been in the limelight for a long time due to his generosity. Sonu Sood Real Hero has announced to give jobs to 1 lakh unemployed people of the country. This job will be available through the GoodWorker app.

The actor is doing everything possible to help the poor families in the middle of Corona. Then whether it is the task of bringing the students trapped abroad or to provide a tractor to the farmer or to make mobile available for online classes to the students. Now Sonu Sood Real Hero has announced to give jobs to 1 lakh unemployed people of the country. After this announcement of Sonu Sood, he is being praised everywhere. Sonu Sood wrote in his tweet- ‘New Year, New Expectations.

New job opportunities and bring those opportunities closer to you, new us. Overseas employment is now a GoodWorker. Download the GoodWorker app today and hope for a better tomorrow. ‘ Now the question may have come to your mind that what is the GoodWorker application and how can one apply through it. So let’s know in detail about this app …

What is the GoodWorker Application?

GoodWorker is a job application. This app has been created with the objective of providing jobs to the migrant laborers of India (people who lost jobs in the lockdown). This app has been created under the noble initiative by actor Sonu Sood. GoodWorker is an app designed to help those people who are wandering around, struggling, for unemployment and livelihood. The mission of GoodWorker is to provide job linkage and career advancement assistance to millions of migrant workers who need jobs. It is claimed that this app is fully verified, ie here you will not have to be a victim of fraudulent fraud in the name of jobs.

Learn how the GoodWorker app works?

Through this app, migrant laborers or unemployed will be able to find jobs sitting at home. For this, they will not have to go anywhere to find a job or apply. Let us know that you can make your resume ie free resumes on the GoodWorker app. It is later translated into English and then shared with the company.

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Job matching tool: Under the job matching tool, the GoodWorker app will match you with the jobs that are most suitable for you.

You will get a job at the current location: The GoodWorker app will tell you about the match popular job at your current location.

Reliable Jobs: This app verifies all companies and jobs so that you do not have to get into any fraud. The app ensures complete transparency to provide reliable and active jobs in India.

Information about new appointments: If new recruitments are happening or are going to happen in a company, then this app will give you information. Depending on your location and your qualifications, you will be informed about the job.

Interview details: If you are selected somewhere in the interview, then this app will give you the details of the interview. Such as the time, date, location, salary of the interview and the phone number of the HR or other officer related to the company, WhatsApp number, and email ID.

Experience Letter: If you get a job from GoodWorker who are unemployed migrant wages, you will get an experience letter. Which will help you in your next job.

Free Service: This app is giving completely free service. All its features are free.

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