LPG Cylinder Price 1 April 2022: LPG cylinder costlier by Rs 250 from today, check your city rate

LPG Price 1 July

LPG Cylinder Price 1 April 2022: The new rates of LPG cylinders have been released today. This time LPG gas cylinder has become costlier by Rs 250 in one stroke. This increase has not happened in domestic LPG cylinders but in commercial gas cylinders. Therefore, domestic LPG cylinder consumers have got relief for the time being. Because, just 10 days ago, the rates of domestic LPG cylinders were increased, while on March 22, the commercial cylinder became cheaper.

Let us tell you that after a long time, the shock of inflation to petrol-diesel and LPG consumers started from March 22. On this day, the non-subsidized domestic LPG cylinder has increased by Rs 50. Because there was no change in the rate of domestic LPG cylinder after 6 October 2021. Today i.e. on the first day of the new financial year also, domestic LPG cylinder is being refilled at Rs 949.50 in Delhi, Rs 976 in Kolkata, Rs 949.50 in Mumbai and Rs 965.50 in Chennai.

LPG Cylinder Price 1 April 2022: 19 kg LPG cylinder costlier by Rs 250 from today

The 19 kg LPG cylinder which was being refilled in Delhi on 1st March for Rs 2012, came down to Rs 2003 on 22nd March. But from today, Rs 2253 will have to be spent to get it refilled in Delhi. At the same time, instead of Rs 2087 in Kolkata now Rs 2351 and in Mumbai instead of 1955 Rs 2205 will have to be spent from today. In Chennai, it will now cost Rs 2406 instead of Rs 2138. 

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Let us tell you that on March 1, the rate of 19 kg commercial cylinder was increased by Rs 105 and on March 22 it became cheaper by Rs 9. At the same time, between October 2021 and February 1, 2022, the price of commercial cylinder has increased by Rs 170. On October 1, the price of a commercial cylinder in Delhi was Rs 1736. It became 2000 in November 2021 and became Rs 2101 in December 2021. After this, it became cheaper again in January and on February 2022 it became cheaper and came to Rs 1907. After this, on 1 April 2022, it reached Rs 2253. 

latest rate of lpg cylinder

1 April 20222253235122052406
22 March 2022200320871954.52137.5
March 1, 20222012209519632145.5
February 1, 20221907198718572040
January 1, 20221998.520761948.52131
December 1, 20212101217720512234.5
November 1, 20212000.52073.519502133
October 1, 20211736.51805.516851867.5

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