LPG Price 1 July: LPG cylinder becomes cheaper, the price has been reduced by Rs 198 from today

LPG Price 1 July

LPG Price 1 July 2022:The new rates of LPG cylinders have been released.Today Indane cylinder has become cheaper by Rs 198 in Delhi.The rate of LPG cylinder has been reduced by Rs 182 in Kolkata, Rs 190.50 in Mumbai, while it has been reduced by Rs 187 in Chennai.Petroleum company Indian Oil has made this cut in the rate of commercial cylinders.Whereas domestic LPG cylinder consumers have not got any relief.Domestic cylinder of 14.2 kg has neither become cheap nor expensive.It is still available at the same rate as on May 19.

LPG Gas Price (Rs./19 kg cylinder)
Month Delhi

1 July 2022 2021
1 June 2022 2219
19 May 2022 2354
7 May 2022 2346
1 May 2022 2355.5
1 April 2022 2253
22 March 2022 2003
March 1, 2022 2012

There was a blow in May

Let us tell you that in June, the commercial cylinder of Indane became cheaper by Rs 135, while in May the consumers of domestic LPG cylinder were shocked twice.The rate of domestic cylinder (LPG Cylinder Price Today) was increased by Rs 50 for the first time in the month on 7th May and on 19th May also the price of domestic LPG gas cylinder was increased.

City wise rate of 14.2 kg cylinder in rupees (in round figure)

Delhi 1,003
Mumbai 1,003
Kolkata 1,029
Chennai 1,019
Lucknow 1,041
Jaipur 1,007
Patna 1,093
Indore 1,031
Ahmedabad 1,010
Pune 1,006
Gorakhpur 1012
Bhopal 1009
Agra 1016
Ranchi 1061
Source: IOC

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LPG Price 1 July: Domestic LPG cylinder became costlier by Rs 168.50 in a year

In the last one year in Delhi, the rate of domestic LPG cylinder has increased from Rs 834.50 to Rs 1003.The last increase of Rs 4 in the rate of 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinder was done on 19 May 2022.Earlier on May 7, the rate in Delhi was Rs 999.50 per cylinder.On May 7, the LPG cylinder became costlier by Rs 50 as compared to Rs 949.50 on March 22, 2022.On March 22 also, there was a jump of Rs 50 in the price of cylinder.Earlier, from October 2021 to February 2022, the rates of domestic LPG cylinders stood at Rs 899.50 in Delhi.

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