Malaika Arora shares Prana Mudra to Improve immunity and oxygen in just 15 minutes


Malaika Arora is always making her fans aware of fitness. Many of his videos and messages have also surfaced in the midst of the Corona pandemic. Now he has shared the benefits of Prana Mudra on his Instagram Story. In the accompanying picture, the position of the currency is also shown.

Many advantages of Prana Mudra

The corona epidemic has reached door to door in India. It is very important to protect against it and to fight it in a positive way when an infection occurs. Our immune system has so much power that it excludes most bacterial, virus infections without drugs from the body. For this, it is most important that your immunity be strong. People are taking various measures nowadays to strengthen the immune system. Now Malaika Arora has also shared a picture of a currency. Benefits are also written with it. Most people do not know the advantages of currencies. It is believed that postures increase the energy of the body and they are also easy to do.

These benefits were seen in Malaika’s story

Malaika Arora

In this picture of Malaika, it is written, Prana mudra. There is a picture showing how to make this currency. Its benefits are written
– increases immune power. 
– Energy of the body balances. 
– Brightens the eyesight.
– Blocks away blood vessels.
– Increases blood oxygen level.

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How to do?

Sit in a comfortable position and relax. Your spine should be straight and face to the front. Connect the ring finger and the little finger with the thumb. Take care to keep the fingers connected to each other. Rest of the fingers remain straight. Now keep your hands on your knees and take a deep breath for 15 minutes and release.

Note: The information provided here is meant to make the readers aware. Do not replace postures with medical advice or medications. If you have any health problems, first talk to your doctor.



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