Malicious App Alert: If this dangerous app is present on your phone, uninstall them immediately

Malicious App Alert

Malicious App Alert: Google Play Store is considered quite secure. But despite this, some malware is installed on your device by bypassing Google’s security, which then becomes the reason for backing fraud. Also, steal your personal information, password present on the phone. One such Trojan has been identified, which was present on the Google Play Store. This dangerous app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times. Is this dangerous app present in your smartphone? If so, then uninstall it from the phone immediately. 

A security firm said that the remote access trojan has been downloaded from Google Play. Which steals users’ passwords, text messages, and other confidential data.

Malicious App Alert: What is Teabot?

TeaBot is an Android malware that is spreading through Google’s official app market. Usually, the company removes the information about such dangerous apps from the Google Play Store as soon as it is received. But it is getting difficult to recognize this app. Security firm Cleafy reports that TeaBot is back. This time this Trojan is spreading through a malicious app called QR Code and Barcode Scanner. Cleary Researcher has informed Google about this app. But no response has come from Google about this at the moment. But if this app is present on your phone, then remove it immediately.

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Responsible for the theft of banking data 

The new Teabot Trojan is more dangerous than the Trojan of May 2021 last year. Which now includes home banking applications, insurance applications, crypto wallets, and crypto exchanges. This Trojan was identified in May last year under the names teabot and anatsa. It used streaming software and malware hacked the device by misusing Android’s accessibility service. In this hackers can control the screen remotely. Teabot was programmed to steal the data of apps from around 60 banks around the world.

Data theft through fake updates 

There has been a 500 percent increase in Teabot attacks in less than a year. In recent months, Teabot has sent custom messages to infected phones in new languages, including Russian, Slovak, and Mandarin Chinese. The new Trojan provides users with fake updates. After this, the accessibility permission of the device is taken during the installation process. This includes permissions for the View and Control screens. Through which hackers gain access to sensitive information such as login credentials, SMS, 2FA codes.

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