Ministry of AYUSH issued guidelines, told how to take care of yourself during home isolation

Ministry of AYUSH

Ministry of AYUSH: Amid the second wave of the Corona epidemic, the Ministry of AYUSH has suggested some Ayurvedic prescriptions to patients with minor symptoms. Along with this, people have also been given important information related to health care, food, routine, treatment, rescue, etc. In the guidelines issued by the Ministry of AYUSH for the care of the patients of Corona living in home isolation, how can you treat yourself by staying at home? Let’s know what these guidelines are. 
For coronas with no symptoms:

– Take Guduchi Dense Vati 500mg (twice a day) with warm water for 15 days.
– Take Ashwagandha 500mg (twice a day) with warm water for 30 days.
– Take two tablets of Ayush-64 (twice a day) with warm water for 30 days.

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For mildly symptomatic corona infections:

– Ashwagandha 250 mg + dry ginger powder 500 mg (twice daily) for 15 days with hot water
– heart leaves dense equity 500 mg (twice daily) for 15 days with hot water 
– heart leaves 100 ml + Peepli powder 2 grams Up to 15 days before meals

Fever, headache, dry cough:

– Sudarshan Ghan Vati 500mg (twice a day) with warm water for up to 15 days – Nagradi Kashaya 20 mL (twice a day) for 15 days
– When cough, 3 grams of Sitopladi powder with honey (thrice a day) for 15 days
– chew 1-2 tablets of anorexia if it does not taste. 

These general measures are also necessary:

– Drink light hot water.
– Use turmeric cumin, coriander, dry ginger, and garlic in food.
– Use Amla or items made from it.
– Gargle with turmeric and salt in lukewarm water.
– Do yoga asana, pranayama, and meditation for 30 minutes daily.
– Drink half a teaspoon of turmeric in 150 mL milk twice a day.

You can also adopt these methods:

– Add sesame oil or coconut oil or cow’s ghee to your nose in the morning and evening.
– Steam water, you can also steam once a day by adding mint, celery, camphor.
– If you have a sore throat, you can take cloves, liquorice powder mixed with sugar, or honey.

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