NEFT service will not work at this time on May 23, RBI Tweets this information

NEFT Service

NEFT Service: If you are doing online transactions while sitting at home in Corona, then there is big news for you. On May 23, the National Electronic Fund Transfer ie NEFT service will be closed for some time. The Reserve Bank has given this information from its Twitter handle. 

Let me tell you that UPI remains the preferred medium for small transactions, but through this, the transaction remains at an average level of 1,000. This change in the attitude of the people in the Corona era has led to the payment of Rs 9,000 through IMPS (Tatkal Payment Service), which was earlier Rs 6,000 to 7,000.

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The RBI has stated that the RTGS system will continue to operate as usual during this period. A similar update for RTGS was completed on April 18, 2021. Explain that you can take advantage of the NEFT facility by using internet banking. Funds are transferred in a short time through NEFT. Any amount can be sent through it. That is, there is no maximum or minimum limit for transferring funds.

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