New E-commerce Rules: Companies will not be able to Mislead the Customer on Fake Discounts

New E-commerce Rules

New E-commerce Rules and Guidelines: The Ministry of Consumer Affairs has proposed new rules for the e-commerce sector. These proposed rules are to curb methods like selling their products by giving false information and fake discounts.

In the last week, some new proposals have been announced for the ecommerce sector in India. Some such changes have been made in these new rules, due to which many ecommerce companies may have to change their policy. The same companies will not be able to provide fake discount and product related mistake information. Let us know about these new proposed rules and regulations.

New E-commerce Rules: Advertising display and promotion

Ecommerce companies should not allow advertisements that are misleading about product information, price, quality and guarantees – warranties. Many times users are misled by giving wrong information, after which some buyers have trouble.

Sellers information on imported goods and services and also domestic options

Ecommerce companies will have to check that the product listed on their platform should also have information about the origin, which means in which country it is made. Along with foreign products, the e-commerce platform will also have to show its domestic option.

Cancellation charge and customer approval

Some listed products on eCommerce platforms do not have return policy information. But a clear approval should be obtained from the consumer so that his shopping experience can be improved.

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No one should be given priority in the search

Ecommerce platforms Amazon India and Flipkart are often accused in India of promoting their brands and sellers. However, the jury is yet to know how the algorithm works in online marketplaces in India and abroad.

Flash sale banned

On repeated discounts from e-commerce companies, the government has issued a clarification that e-commerce platforms can conduct conventional flash sales giving maximum profits to consumers. But frequent sale or flash sale is not allowed. However, it is not yet clear what is a conventional flash sale.

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