New Rule to Make Canteen Necessary in Companies if there are more than 100 employees, from April 1

New Rule

New Rule: According to the new labor laws that will be going to implement from April 1, rules have been set by the Central Government to make canteens necessary for employees in companies in the country and to appoint a Welfare Officer to implement government schemes strongly. The government is preparing to implement these new rules from April 1 across the country.

Special provisions in this regard have been made in the Code of Occupational Safety, Health and Working Code, released last year by the Central Government, which can be implemented after discussion with all stakeholders. Under the important changes in the new labor laws, companies with more than 100 employees will be required to keep a canteen in their establishment. 

This number of employees will also include those working on the contract. The same companies will also have to appoint welfare officers so that the workers continue to get the full benefit of government schemes. Apart from this, keeping in mind the interests of the migrant laborers, the rules will also be implemented that if the company is taking them to the site and they are returning home after the work is over, then it will be necessary to give them travel allowance.

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New Rule: Overtime Rules also change

Apart from this, the rules of overtime have also been changed. According to the new rules, if more than 15 minutes of work is done after the working hours, then it will be considered overtime. Earlier this scope used to be half an hour. Provisions have also been fixed not to put pressure on the employee’s contract or permanent work for more than five consecutive hours. It will be necessary for the company to give him a break of half an hour every five hours. Also, this break time will also be added to the working hours.

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