Now 71 liters of petrol and diesel will be available every year for free, know-how

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You can get 71 liters of petrol-diesel free in a year by paying through the IndianOil Citi Credit Card.

The prices of petrol and diesel (Petrol-Diesel) are increasing all over the country, but everyone is upset, but if you are given 71 liters of petrol-diesel for free, what would you say? Yes, it is true. Actually, through a credit card of Citi Bank, customers are getting 71 liters of petrol-diesel every year for free.

You can get 71 liters of petrol-diesel free in a year by paying through the Indian Oil Citi Credit Card. This credit card is a better card for fuel shopping. By purchasing fuel from Indian oil pumps through this card, there are many benefits in the form of rewards. These reward points (turbo points) never expire. Customers can get up to 71 liters of free fuel annually by redeeming fuel points.

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Special features of Indian Oil City Credit Card
1. Redeem turbo points at Indian Oil pumps and get fuel-free up to 71 liters annually.
2. 1% fuel surcharge waived
on Indian Oil pumps 3. 4 turbo points for every Rs 150 spent on Indian Oil pumps
4. Grocery through card and 2 turbo points at Rs 150 per supermarket expense
5. Other through card Read also  1 Turbo Point at a cost of Rs 150 in the category

How to redeem the offer

Turbo point Redeem turbo point can be redeemed in many ways but redeeming at Indian oil pumps gives the most benefit.
>> Redemption rate – 1 turbo point = 1 rupee on Indian oil pumps
>> Redemption rate – 1 turbo point = 25 paise on, IndiGo, Make My Trip,
>> Redemption rate on Book my Show, Vodafone etc. – 1 turbo point = 30 paise

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