On-site registration, appointment enabled for 18-44 age group for Corona Vaccine: Health Ministry

On-site registration

On-site registration: People between the ages of 18 and 44 will no longer need to take online appointments for the Corona vaccine dose. The Union Health Ministry has ordered that people of this age group will be able to get the vaccine directly by reaching vaccination centers. However, registration will be done on the spot on Cowin.gov.in before getting vaccinated. In this way, even without first booking, now you can get the vaccine directly through onsite registration. 

In fact, there were reports of vaccines worsening in the event that people did not reach even after the slots were booked for the vaccine. On the basis of these reports, the Union Health Ministry has taken this decision. Apart from this, due to a lack of information about online booking at the rural level, people were facing difficulties.

According to the Ministry of Health, due to the process being done online, at the end of the day many times the vaccine is ruined. This is because people do not reach for a vaccine even after taking an online appointment. In such a situation, the facility of vaccinating people on the spot will also reduce the waste of vaccines. Even though the government has given the facility to take online appointments of 4 people from a mobile number, but even then, those people who do not have internet or smartphone, have faced trouble. 

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This facility will be available only at government vaccine centers

In such a situation, the government has now decided to provide the facility of on-site registration and appointment for people between 18 and 44 years of age. However, this facility will be available only at Government Covid Vaccination Centers. At present, this facility will not be available at private vaccination centers. Online appointments will still have to be booked in advance for vaccination in private institutions. Apart from this, it will also depend on the respective states and union territories whether they implement this decision or not. The Health Ministry has ordered all the states to work with the district administration to implement the facility of onsite registration. 

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