One Nation One Ration Card: If your, wife or son’s name is cut from the Ration Card, then follow this simple method


One Nation One Ration Card: In the process of making a new Ration Card by the state governments, some names have been cut. In such a case, whose name is cut from the list, now they can get their name added to the ration card again.

If your Ration Card has been canceled or your name has been cut from the list, do not panic now. Modi government is going to give more opportunities to such people. In the process of making new ration cards by the state governments, some names have been cut. Those whose name is cut from the list can now claim their name again. Your name is deducted from the ration card for several reasons. 

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For example, if your name is already connected to another ration card, the Aadhar card number is not linked to your ration card, your name can be deducted from the ration card even if the head of your ration card has died. Do not panic in this situation and can apply for a ration card and get a ration card made. With this, you can also add a wife’s name after marriage or after the birth of a child.

After the name is cut in the ration card, make such a ration card again and

tell that the central government has implemented the One Nation One Ration Card portability facility in the entire country. So far, 26 states and union territories have been covered by this facility. Through this facility, consumers can now get ration in other states also. For this, now it is not necessary for that person to be a resident of that state. With this decision of the Central Government One Nation One Ration Card facility, people of the country can now get ration easily in any state.

Due to these reasons, the name is deducted from the ration card. Your name should already be linked in another ration card. Aadhar card number should not be linked to your ration card. If the head of your ration card is killed, then your name can be deducted from the ration card. You can add your name to the ration card again

If a person’s name has been deducted from the ration card, then he can get his name added by going to the nearest CSC Center or Public Facilitation Center by taking a photo copy of the Aadhar card and the ration card to which his name is to be added. The receipt of the receipt you will get from there, will be added to your ration card a few days after submitting it in your tehsil.

You can also add a new name to the ration card.

You can also add the names of new members to your ration card. The names of new members are added in two ways. First, a newborn child and second wife, who is associated with you or a member of your family after marriage.

Make a new ration card like this after marriage

If you want to add your wife’s name to the ration card, then you have two options. First, first of all, get both your ration cards separately or get your wife’s Aadhaar card amended. From the Aadhaar card, instead of the father of the girl, please enter your name. After this, take your Aadhar and wife’s Aadhar card and give it to the Food Department official in the tehsil. Cut your name from the already connected ration card and then apply for the new ration card

The wife’s name can also be added online

the ration card with which your name is associated and if you want to get your wife’s name also included in the same ration card, then you will have to amend your wife’s Aadhaar. After that, submit the wife’s Aadhaar at the Public Facilitation Center and after online verification, the wife’s name will be added.

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