Pay house rent with CRED, Get gift voucher up to Rs 2021


New Delhi. house rent with CRED: Do you know that through credit card payment platform CRED (CRED), you can also pay house rent i.e. monthly room rent with your credit card? Not only this, but the company is also giving a gift voucher of up to Rs 2021 on the payment of rent from a credit card.

You get an extra charge of 1.65% on rent payment, but reward points.
However, on paying a credit card through the credit app, you also have to pay 1.5% extra charge but you also get cashback or reward points. Nowadays a great offer is going on the Cred app, in which a cashback of up to one thousand rupees can be found. Although different offers are going on different credit cards.

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HDFC Bank Credit Card – Gift Voucher up to a maximum of Rs. 2021
Bank of Baroda Credit Card – Maximum Rs. 1000 Cashback
Indusind Bank Credit Card – Flat Rs 250 Cashback
Axis Bank Credit Card – Maximum Rs 500 Cashback

credit card and you get many benefits when you pay rent with an expensive credit card.
1. You can save your cash by using the credit limit. Credit card dues usually have to be paid after 45-50 days. In this way, you can earn something by investing rent money somewhere.
2. You can convert transactions made through credit card to EMI. This means that you can repay the rent also through EMI.
3. Cashback or reward points are also available on transactions made through credit card.

What is CRED app
Significantly, Kunal Shah, who was the co-founder of Freecharge, launched a new startup CRED in the year 2018. If you pay your credit card bill with this app, you can get lots of rewards in addition to the cashback. With this app, you can get as many credit cards as you can pay for a credit card bill and you can get free or discounted rewards from different companies. For example, if you pay a credit card bill of 20 thousand rupees from this app, then you get 20 thousand credits. You can get a lot of rewards from these companies by redeeming them. The facility to rent has also come on this app.

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