Pay house rent with Paytm, you will get a cashback of up to Rs 1000


House Rent: Do you know that through the country’s largest e-wallet company Paytm (Paytm), you can also pay house rent ie Monthly Room Rent with your credit card? Not only this, but the company is also giving a cashback of 1000 rupees on the payment of rent with a credit card.

An extra charge of 1.65% is paid on rent payment, but rewards points,
however, 1.65% extra charge is also required to be paid on payment of credit card through Paytm app But you also get cash back or reward points. For example, on a rental payment of Rs 10,000, you will have to make a payment of Rs 10,165. However, there is no extra charge to be paid on rent payment through UPI, Debit Card, and NetBanking.

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How to Pay Rent on using Paytm App-:

1. First update Paytm application.
2. Open the Paytm app and click on All Service.
3. After clicking on Monthly Bills, you will see the option of Rent Payment.
4. Click on Rent Payment. Then click on Proceed.
5. Now enter the details of the bank account of the landlord. After this, proceed and confirm the bank account of the landlord again.
6. After this, enter the amount of rent.
7. Now Select Payment Mode. After this, make payment through credit card, UPI, debit card, or net banking.
8. The rent amount will be added to your landlord’s bank account within a maximum of 2-3 days.

on repayment of rent with a credit card. Many benefits
1. You can save your cash by using a credit limit. Credit card dues usually have to be paid after 45-50 days. In this way, you can earn something by investing rent money somewhere.
2. You can convert transactions made through credit card to EMI. This means that you can repay the rent also through EMI.
3. Cashback or reward points are also available on transactions made through credit cards.