Paytm: Transferred Money by Mistake to Someone, know how to get your Money Back


Paytm: Due to mobile wallets, people have got a great facility to do transactions, people are able to do fast transactions with the help of this and that is why they are increasingly becoming an alternative to cash. However, a new problem is also arising due to fast payment from one account to another. If the information of the recipient of the money is wrong, then the money goes to the wrong account, and getting it is not as easy as getting the cashback.

Why is there a mistake?

There are three types of errors in payment from mobile wallet.

  • In the first type of mistake, the mistake of filling the information reaches the unknown.
  • In the second type of mistake, you send some more money to the person you are sending the money to. That means you know the recipient of the money.
  • In the third type of mistake, the wrong information found due to overpayment or due to some reason more payment is made. 

In the wrong transactions with companies or knowledgeable people, the chances of getting back the money are quite high, although the problems with the money reached to unknown people increases.

What are the rules?
Paytm has made it clear that if a person accidentally sends some money to someone, then Paytm cannot refund this money on their behalf. Actually, according to the rules, money cannot be withdrawn from someone’s account without his permission, in such a situation that the person who has received the money in the account will need the permission of that person.

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What are your options

  • Paytm has suggested that if you have accidentally transferred money to a person, then you can talk to that person directly and ask for the money back.
  • If there is a company receiving money, you can talk to him and show proof of the transaction sent by Paytm.
  • If you have transferred money to a person’s account, then you can contact the bank and find the person whose money has gone into the account.
  • If you are unable to find the person, then you can get information about that person by filing a complaint in Paytm Customer Care.
  • If even after contact, the person refuses to give the money, then he can take legal action with all the evidence of the transaction.
  • Paytm has made it clear that in such a transaction all the middle parties are ready to help, however this can only be started when the recipient of the money allows for the refund. 

What is Paytm’s advice?

Paytm advises caution in transferring money to unknown people in view of difficulties in getting money after accidentally transferring money.
If you are going to send a large amount to someone, then first send a very small amount and make sure the details are filled in. While filling in the information at the time of any new transaction, crosscheck it.



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