Paytm Users Alert! Be careful Accounts being emptied due to fake Cashback

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Paytm Users Alert! With the rapid increase in the use of digital payment apps, there has been an increase in the cases of cyber fraud as well. The popular payment app Paytm is also not untouched by this. Fraudsters are often trying to defraud Paytm users. Now Paytm users are being hunted through a new cashback offer. If you also use Paytm, then there is a need to stay away from this new scam. 

What’s New Paytm Cashback Scam?

According to the report of Indian Express, many users are getting notifications of Paytm cashback on the Chrome browser. It reads, ‘Congratulations! you have won Paytm Scratch Card. Once the user clicks on the notification, the Paytm-CashFor [dot] com website opens. 

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This website is completely similar in appearance to the official site of Paytm. But actually, it is a fake website. A coupon appears on the website, which shows the amount of cashback when scratched. This amount can be different every time. In our case, it has been shown a cashback of Rs 2577. Just below this, you have also been given the Send Reward to Paytm button. If you follow all the steps mentioned in it then your account may become empty.

Paytm Users New Scam Alert! Don’t Open Such Websites

The report states that this scam only works on mobile phones, which means that the scammers behind the website aim to target mobile users. While writing the news, typing the URL in the computer browser directly opens the official Paytm website. However, we would advise users not to visit this fraudulent site. 

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