PF Accountholders should note that if these 5 mistakes are not done then Withdraw will be able to make PF money


If you too have to withdraw your PF money, then you should avoid making these 5 mistakes. If ignored, your PF withdrawal claim can be rejected ..

Incorrect bank account details: The PF claim money will be credited to the same account which will be recorded in the EPFO ​​records. Therefore, while filling the claim, fill the details of the account carefully. If you enter the wrong account number or any other account number, then your application will be rejected.

KYC is not complete: Even if the KYC of any account holder is not complete, your application can be canceled. Along with the completion of your KYC details, there should also be verification. You can check whether KYC is complete and verified or by logging into your member e-Seva account.

Incorrect Date of Birth: Your application can be canceled even if the date of birth recorded in EPFO ​​and the date of birth recorded in the employer records are different. Recently, the EPFO ​​issued a circular on 3 April, in which it relaxed the rules to correct the date of birth recorded in the EPFO ​​records and link UAN to Aadhaar. Now you can fix the date of birth for 3 years.

Account is linked with UAN: Also your account number should be linked to UAN (Universal Account Number). Even if your account is not linked, there can be problems in getting money. Apart from this, the IFSC number recorded in the EPFO ​​records must also be correct.