Post Office Scheme: Save Only 10 thousand, you will get the benefit of 16 lakhs – know how?

Scheme of Post Office

Post Office Scheme: If you are looking for a completely safe investment i.e. you do not want any kind of risk on your investment then the post office can prove to be a better option for you. You also get better returns in post office schemes. Post office small savings schemes are better. Investing in this with low cost earns big money. The name of one such post office scheme is – Post Office Recurring Deposit. In this, you will get better returns.

What is Post Office RD Scheme?

Overall, through this scheme, you can start investing with very little money. Apart from this, your money will also be completely safe. In this, you can invest from Rs 100 per month. There is no maximum limit on how much you can invest. Post Office RD Deposit Account is a government-guaranteed scheme of depositing small installments with a better interest rate.

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The RD account that is opened in the post office is for 5 years. Doesn’t open for less than that. Interest is calculated on the deposited money every quarter (at an annual rate). Then it is added to your account with compound interest at the end of every quarter. According to the India Post Office website, 5.8 percent interest is currently being given on the RD scheme. The central government announces the interest rate every quarter in all its small savings schemes.

If you invest 10 thousand rupees, you will get more than 16 lakhs

If you invest 10 thousand rupees every month in the post office RD scheme, that too for 10 years, then he will get Rs 16,26,476 lakhs on maturity.

Some special things about RD account

If you do not deposit the RD installment on time, then you will have to pay a fine. For delay in installment, you will have to pay one per cent penalty every month. Along with this, if you do not deposit 4 consecutive installments, then your account will be closed. However, when the account is closed, it can be re-activated for the next 2 months.

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