Privacy Policy Case: Facebook and WhatsApp did not get relief, dismissed petition by Delhi High Court

Privacy Policy Case

Privacy Policy Case: The High Court has dismissed Facebook and WhatsApp petitions filed against the Competition Commission of India (CCI) order examining WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. Justice Naveen Chawla said that it would be prudent for CCI to wait for the outcome of the petitions filed in the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court against WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, but not doing so would not distort the regulatory order or curtail jurisdiction Will happen. The court said that it has not shown anything worth hearing in the petitions of Facebook and WhatsApp. In the petition, the Commission has requested to intervene in the order of inquiry.

Explain that the social media companies had challenged the order issued by the Competition Commission of India to investigate the new privacy policy in the petition. Significantly, Justice Naveen Chawla’s court completed the hearing on two separate petitions on Facebook and WhatsApp on April 13. The court, while completing the hearing, remarked that the CCI does not reflect an investigation into the misuse of the dominant position. Instead, it seems that the privacy of the customers is concerned. While hearing the case, the court made this comment on the stand of CCI in which it said that it is not investigating the violation of the privacy of individuals, which the Supreme Court is looking into.

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WhatsApp and Facebook challenged the order
The CCI argued in the court that WhatsApp could collect too much data under the new private privacy policy and unwanted surveillance of customers to bring more users into the realm of targeted advertising, which would be an abuse of perceived dominance effect. Facebook and WhatsApp have challenged CCI’s March 24 order, which has ordered an inquiry into their new privacy policy.

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