Saudi Arabia will not give VISA to those Pakistanis who have got the vaccine made in China

Saudi Arabia

The expectations of Pakistani citizens preparing to go to Saudi Arabia have been dashed. The administration of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) has given a shock to Pakistan. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan returned from a three-day official visit to Saudi Arabia on Sunday night. Soon after, Saudi Arabia has increased the troubles of the Imran government by issuing a new decree. Saudi Arabia has said that it will not issue any visa to those Pakistanis who have got the vaccine made in China. The reason for this is that the Saudi regulator has not allowed China’s Cyanovac and Sinopharm vaccines. Although China sent this vaccine to Saudi under vaccine diplomacy, the administration did not use it.

According to the report, the Saudi administration has now given some relief in this matter. Those who have not got the vaccine will have to show the negative RT-PCR report. With this, 14-day quarantine will also have to be completed and that too at your expense. The Saudi Arabian government has so far allowed only four vaccines. Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. Of these, Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is a single shot. That means it takes only one dose. Double doses of the remaining three are applied. China may have sent doses of both their vaccines to Saudi Arabia, but they have not been used.

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‘No Entry’ to those Pakistanis who have got the vaccine made in China

only those people will get permission to travel to Saudi Arabia, according to a media report in Saudi, Who have completed vaccination. In this also a condition has been added that those who have made the vaccine made in China will not get the approval of the trip. The problem for Pakistanis is that only the vaccine received from China is being used here. Sputnik vaccine was ordered from Russia, but not a single dose of this has reached Pakistan.

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