SBI ATM Card Users: New ATM Saftey Featured Introduced For Customers

sbi minimum balance rule 1st oct 2019

ATM-related frauds are common nowadays, To prevent their customers from these types of incidents, The State Bank of India Introduced new safety features to overcome this kind of incidents.

In this new feature, every time when you visit to ATM to check your balance or mini statement evert time SBI sends you an alert by SMS on your registered mobile number. This facility will ensure curbing the ATM frauds which have been on a rise amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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The bank has alerted its customers to be cautious and not to ignore SMS alerts regarding balance inquiry or mini-statement when the request is not initiated by them.

“Now every time we receive a request for Balance Enquiry or Mini Statement via ATMs, we will alert our customers by sending an SMS so that they can immediately block their Debit Card if the transaction is not initiated by them,” the country’s SBI said in a tweet.

SBI has asked its customers to be alert and immediately notify the bank in case balance, mini statement requests were not made by them. “It could be a scammer’s attempt to check your bank account for the money. Immediately notify and request your bank to freeze your card,” SBI said.

Earlier, SBI had introduced a cardless cash withdrawal facility to protect its customers from unauthorized transactions across all SBI ATMs. This new facility has been active since the start of 2020 and allows ATM cardholders to withdraw cash with the help of a one-time password (OTP). For cash withdrawal over ₹, 10,000 between 8 pm and 8 am, SBI customers will have to provide OTP along with the Debit card PIN. The OTP-based withdrawal is not available at non-SBI ATMs.

The bank has been giving tips to its customers on ways to keep their money safe. SBI recommended that customers should conduct ATM transactions in complete privacy in order to avoid any ATM-cum-debit card fraud. SBI has revised its ATM withdrawal charges effective 1 July.

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