SBI Bank Alert! Do not do these 5 Mistakes otherwise, your bank account will be empty in minutes

SBI Bank Alert

SBI Bank Alert!: State Bank of India, the country’s largest bank, has once again alerted its 42 crore customers. SBI in its latest alert told the customers to refrain from doing these five things. The first thing SBI has said in its tweet is that the customer should not share personal information like date of birth, debit card number, Internet bank user ID, password, debit card, PIN, CVV, OTP with anyone. Along with this, the bank has also refused to download some apps and click on all the links coming in the message. Because the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) says that you are the sole custodian of all your details.

SBI Bank Alert: Inform the Bank Immediately for any kind of Fraud

If there is fraud in your bank account, then inform it immediately to your bank. #RBIKehtaHai that on getting quick information from your side, we can take immediate action on our behalf. Be alert for any unauthorized activity in your account and inform us immediately.

SBI has advised not to do this work

SBI has tweeted on its tweeter handle that these days many hackers are taking people into account and emptying their accounts. In such a situation, customers will have to refrain from doing these tasks. These things of SBI are very important for all of us to remember:

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1) Do not share your personal details such as date of birth, debit card number, internet banking user id / password, debit card PIN, CVV, OTP to anyone and do not share the message with anyone or on WhatsApp.

2) If you call in the name of SBI, RBI, government official, police or KYC authority, then get alerted. Because banks or RBI never ask for personal information from you.

SBI Bank Alert

3) On the other hand, if an unknown person calls you and asks you to download this mobile app, do not do so at all.

4) If there is any attachment in any unknown email or message, never click on it. By doing this, your personal information will reach the fraudsters.

5) Any big lottery that you have not applied for. Or do not trust SMS of any big offer. The fraudsters steal your personal information through them and hack your account and empty your account.

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