SBI is Giving a Chance to Earn 60 Thousand Rupees Every Month, Just Submit These Documents


SBI: IF you too have a plan to start a business sitting at home or if you are looking through some extra earning, then today we will give you such a business idea. Will tell, through which you can easily earn 60 thousand rupees a month sitting at home. SBI (State Bank of India) is giving you this opportunity. Let us tell you that you can earn this by taking the SBI ATM Franchise of State Bank of India.

Let us tell you that the companies that install ATMs are different. The bank never automatically installs its ATMs. On behalf of the bank, some companies are given a contract to install ATMs, which work to install ATMs at different places. Let us tell you how you can earn good money by taking an ATM franchise.

Prerequisites for taking SBI ATM Franchise-

>> You should have 50-80 square feet of space.
>> His distance from other ATMs should be 100 meters.
>> This space should be on the ground floor and have good visibility.
>> There should be 24 hours power supply, apart from this 1 KW electricity connection
>> This ATM should have a capacity of about 300 transactions per day.
>> The ATM space should have a concrete roof.
>> No objection certificate is required from the society or authority for installing V-SAT.

Document List

1. ID Proof – Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, Voter Card
2. Address Proof – Ration Card, Electricity Bill
3. Bank Account and Passbook
4. Photograph, E-mail ID, Phone Number
5. Other Documents
6. GST Number
7. Financial Documents

How To Apply For SBI ATM Franchise

SBI ATM Franchise is given by some companies. You can apply online by visiting their official website. Let us tell you that the companies that install ATMs are different. Tata Indicash, Muthoot ATM, and India One ATM have the contract to install ATMs mainly in India. For this, you can apply for your ATM by logging in online on the websites of all these companies.

Official Website

Tata Indicash –
Muthoot ATM –
India One ATM –

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How much to invest

Tata Indicash is the largest and oldest company among them. It offers franchisees a security deposit of 2 lakhs which is refundable. Apart from this, Rs 3 lakh will have to be deposited as working capital. In this way, the total investment is Rs 5 lakh.

How much can be earned

Talking about earnings, you get Rs.8 on every cash transaction and Rs.2 on non-cash transactions. The return on investment ranges from 33-50% on an annual basis. For example, if 250 transactions are done every day through your ATM, in which 65 percent is a cash transaction and 35 percent is a non-cash transaction, then monthly income will be close to 45 thousand rupees. At the same time, if there are 500 transactions daily, there will be a commission of about 88-90 thousand.

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