SBI Mega E-Auction: SBI is selling Houses, Cars, and Land cheaply from today, know how you can buy it?


SBI Mega E-Auction: The country’s largest state-run SBI (State Bank of India) is going to auction. SBI’s mega e-auction is starting from today i.e. March 5. In this auction, apart from residential, commercial property, and land, you can also bid for plant, machinery, and vehicle.

The country’s largest state-run bank SBI (State Bank of India) is going to auction. SBI’s mega e-auction is starting from today i.e. March 5. Apart from residential, commercial property and land, you can bid for plant, machinery and vehicle in this time auction. Let us know that you can get a property cheaply in the auction. Let me tell you that they are the properties which have come on the list of default.

SBI tweeted,
State Bank of India has written in the tweet that bid for the best! Here you have the chance to buy cheap residential and commercial property, land, plant and machinery, vehicles, and more. Take part in SBI Mega E-auction and bid your best.

Let us tell you that these properties are in different cities of the country, then you can bid for them according to your location. On this website, you have also been put a reserve price for the property. The auction process will start on March 5.

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You can also contact these numbers,
helpline number- (033-40602403 / 40067351/40628253/40645316/40645207/40609118) has also been issued by SBI. If any kind of information is needed, you can contact here.

Bank According to this, he also gives information about the freehold or leasehold of the property, location, measurement, and other public notice issued for the auction. If you want to buy the property through e-auction, then go to the bank about the process and the related property. You can also take the kind of information.

The default property is auctioned.
Let me tell you that the property owner has not paid their loan. For some reason, they have not been able to give the land of all those people are taken over by the banks. SBI keeps auctioning such properties from time to time. In this auction, the bank sells the property to recover its outstanding balance.

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