SBI Online FD Fraud: SBI Alerts Customers about FD Fraud, Suggests Account Safety Tips

SBI Online FD Fraud

SBI Online FD Fraud: As the world is getting digital, many tasks have become very easy, you can tackle most of the work of the bank sitting at home, but digital life has also increased problems. Online banking fraud is the most bitter reality today. Despite all the security features and alertness, banking fraud has not stopped. 

SBI alerts customers 

The country’s largest bank State Bank of India (SBI) has issued an alert to its millions of customers and common people. SBI has told that Cyber ​​Criminals have opened online fixed deposits in the accounts of customers. SBI has said that we appeal to our customers not to share their banking details with anyone. 

Cyber ​​thieves keep an eye on your FD

SBI said that be alert on any such call in which they tell themselves of SBI and ask you for details like password, OTP, card number, etc. because SBI never asks for this information from its customers. SBI has given information on this new type of fraud to its customers through Twitter, in which cyber thieves are missing money from people’s online FD accounts. 

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Do not do this kind of mistake: SBI 

SBI says that many such complaints have been received in which cybercriminals have made online fixed deposits in the account of customers. First of all, these cyber thieves create an FD account of the customers, in which they use the customer’s net banking details, and do some amount transfer, they call the customer as an SBI officer and ask for OTP when the OTP gets them. If it goes, then the cyber thief transfers all the money to his account. 

Let us tell you that SBI pays interest ranging from 2.9% percent to 5.4 percent on fixed deposits ranging from 7 days to 10 years. Senior citizens get 0.5% more interest on FD.

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