Summer Drinks: Use these 5 drinks instead of cold drinks in summer to avoid heatstroke

Summer Drinks

Summer Drinks: To keep the body cool during the summer days, a little change in diet is necessary. At this time, include water-rich fruits and their fresh juice in your diet.

In the summer season, many kinds of things have to be taken to keep the body cool and healthy. The most important thing in this is to keep the body hydrated. In summer, heatstroke ie heat stroke, dehydration (lack of water in the body), jaundice, sunburn, acidity and indigestion, food poisoning, typhoid are the most common diseases. To avoid them, it is very important to cool the body. In such a situation, people are seen running towards ice cream, cold drinks, ice-cold water, eating spheres during the summer days.

Let me tell you that you should stay away from all these things found in the market. These things may make you feel good and cool for a few moments, but they are not good for your health at all. In summer, a little change in diet is necessary to keep the body cool. At this time, include fruits rich in water and their fresh juice in your diet. Let us tell you what things you can consume in the summer instead of a cold drink.

Lemonade is very healthy for the body. This will not only keeps the body cool from the inside but also At the same time, the body also does not let the lack of water. Many types of diseases can also be avoided in the summer by drinking lemonade.

2.Mango Panna
The summer season is not only of ripe sweet mangoes but also of raw and sour mangoes so that you can make them and drink them. The infusion of raw mangoes helps to prevent sunstroke. Like raw mangoes, the

3.Bel Syrup
It can be helpful in protecting from heatstroke. Bel syrup in summer is considered very beneficial. It also prevents stomach diseases.

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In the summer season, due to excessive sweating, the balance of electrolytes in the body deteriorates. Buttermilk contains salt and water in addition to curd which helps in maintaining the balance of electrolytes in the body. In such a situation, a glass of buttermilk gives you energy in summer and also saves you from fatigue.

Watermelon is the best summer fruit because it contains up to 93 percent water. This is such a fruit that you do not feel thirsty after eating and there is no shortage of water in the body. Watermelon keeps the body cool from the inside. If you want, you can eat it in this way or you can also drink its juice. 

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