Dangerous Apps Play Store

Google removed these four dangerous apps from Play Store, you should also delete them immediately

Dangerous Apps Play Store: Joker malware has been found in four Android mobile apps that have been downloaded by millions of users. Google has removed these four apps from the Google Play Store. Let’s know about these apps… You must know about Joker malware. It was first identified in 2017. In 2019, Google posted a blog warning…

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Malicious App Alert

Google Play Store has banned these 9 malicious apps remove them immediately from your Smartphone

Google Play Store: If you have these 9 apps on your smartphone then you are in danger. The Google Play store has banned them, but you might already have them on your smartphone. Delete them now. Cybersecurity researchers have revealed that smartphone users are at risk from malicious software that can hijack their Facebook accounts. There are many apps…

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9 Apps

These 9 Apps Were Stealing Your Important Data! Google Removed Apps from Play Store

Google has removed nine apps from its Play Store after researchers showed they secretly stole users’ Facebook log-in credentials. Apps were hidden under names that sounded like everyday useful tools and apps. These include Rubbish Cleaner and Horoscope Daily. According to a report, these malicious apps had around 5.9 million combined downloads on the Google…

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