The government will give 10 grams of gold at your daughter’s wedding, know how you can take advantage


New Delhi: In today’s time, the biggest challenge for parents at the time of their daughter’s wedding is to spend money on gold jewelry. The tradition of giving gold jewelry to daughters in our country is quite old. In such a situation, the Assam government has started the Arundhati Gold Scheme to give gold at the wedding of daughters of their state. In this scheme, gold is given by the government. The government gives 10 grams of gold to daughters. Let us tell you how you can take advantage of this facility –

some terms and conditions have been implemented by the state government for
this scheme- >> To avail of this scheme, the girl’s age is at least 18 years Should be
>> Apart from this, it is important to have marriage registration.
>> The annual income of the girl’s family should be less than 5 lakh rupees.
>> The benefit of this scheme will be given only after getting married for the first time
>> Apart from this, the age of the boy should be at least 21 years.
>> Marriage should be registered under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. On the same day of registration, the girl will have to apply for the scheme.

poor family will get relief
The poor families will get a lot of help under this scheme. The objective of this scheme is to provide some relief to the financially weak parents. The gold given by the government also makes the girl financially strong.

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In this way, you can apply in the scheme-
>> Apply for Arundhati Gold Scheme in this way
>> You will have to register in this scheme.
>> for this Go to and fill the online form.
>> After filling out the online form, its printout will have to be removed.
>> Along with online, this printout also has to be submitted.
>> After submission of the form, the girl also gets a receipt.
>> You will get to know about your application approved or not by SMS.
>> If the application is approved, whatever amount will be made under the scheme will be deposited in the account of the applicant.

Let us tell you that in Assam (Assam), marriages of children are done very quickly in backward areas. Due to which their studies and health are also affected. Keeping in mind the gold found in the Arundhati Gold Scheme, many families are avoiding getting married early. In such a situation, this scheme of government is helping people in many ways.