These 11 Apps are Identified Doing Bank Fraud, Delete them Immediately from the Phone, See the Full List Here

9 Apps

Bank Fraud: Dangerous Android apps on Google Play Store have been identified. These apps are infected with Joker malware, which can harm you. Cybersecurity researcher Zscaler’s ThreatLabz report said on Tuesday that a total of 11 recent apps have been identified that are responsible for incidents of banking fraud. These apps are uploaded on the official app at regular intervals. According to the report, these apps have been installed more than 30,00 times so far. If these apps are present on your phone, then uninstall them immediately. 

Joker Malware Responsible For Banking Fraud

According to the report of, the Joker malware family is a famous variant, specially designed for attacks on Android devices. Joker malware is designed to spy, steal information through messages and SMS. Banking fraud is carried out from mobile infected with Joker malware. Also, permission is obtained for all notifications through Joker Android Alert System. Joker malware gets into the phone via Translate Free, Pdap Converter Scanner, Delux Keyboard.

Uninstall these apps from the phone immediately 

  • Free Affluent Message
  • PDF Photo Scanner
  • delux Keyboard
  • Comply QR Scanner
  • PDF Converter Scanner
  • Font Style Keyboard
  • Translate Free
  • Saying Message
  • Private Message
  • Read Scanner
  • Print Scanner

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Most attacks on these devices 

Let us tell you that in the last two to two and a half months, about 50 Joker malware has been identified. This includes categories like Utility, Health. Out of this, 41.2% of devices based on the Tools category have the highest number of Joker-based malware attacks. Whereas 21.6% of attacks have taken place on personal devices. Wherein 27.5% of cyber attacks were carried out on communication devices, 7.8% on photographic devices, and the lowest 2% on health and fitness. 

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