These 5 Yogasanas will be Useful in Increasing Your Immunity in Winters

Immunity Booster Yogasana

5 Yogasanas: Flu, cough, and cold are common due to sudden drops in temperature. Falling ill this year may be riskier as Omicron cases are increasing rapidly around the world. To stay safe and healthy in winters, we now need to take more precautions.

Eating the right and clean diet is one thing you can do to boost your immune health. At the same time, the second is to practice yoga. Yogasanas not only helps to make your body flexible, but it can also strengthen your respiratory system and increase your immunity while reducing the risk of falling ill.

We are telling about 5 such Yogasanas which will help in increasing your immunity in this season.


Step 1: Kneel on the ground with your toes and knees apart from each other. Keep your hands in your lap.

Step 2: Exhale and keep your stomach on your thighs. At the same time, stretch your hands above the head.

Step 3: Your stomach should be above your thighs, place your head on the yoga mat and keep the arms stretched.

Step 4: Hold this pose for a few seconds and then return to the starting position.


Step 1: Lie on your stomach and keep your feet apart from your hips. Keep your arms at your sides.

Step 2: Bend your knees upwards and drive your heels towards your hips. Grab the ankles of your feet with your hands.

Step 3: Take a deep breath and lift your chest and legs off the ground.

Step 4: Keep the face straight and stretch the legs as much as possible.

Step 5: Breathe in this pose 4-5 times and then come back to the starting position.


Step 1: Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet firmly on the ground. Keep feet apart with hips.

Step 2: Place your hands on either side of your body and keep the palms facing down.

Step 3: Press your feet into the floor, inhale and slowly lift your hips and spine off the floor.

Step 4: Try to raise your hips high.

Step 5: Breathe 4-8 times and keep this position on hold, then come back to the starting position.

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Step 1: Lie on your stomach and keep your feet close. Keep your hands on both sides and keep your head on the ground.

Step 2: Place your hands under the shoulders, so that your elbows are near the body.

Step 3: Breathe in and slowly raise half the body upwards. Use abdominal muscles in this.

Step 4: Exhale and stay in this position for a while and then come back to the starting position.


Step 1: Lie on your back comfortably and keep both hands and feet on either side.

Step 2: Close the eyes and slowly exhale through the nose and inhale.

Step 3: Stay in this pose for 10 minutes.

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