These three warning lights appear on the dashboard as soon as the car starts, so don’t drive the car at all


Car companies have started giving Warning Lights on the dashboard of the car for the convenience of users. The burning of these lights means that there is something missing in your car. But many times, users (users) ignore these warning lights and leave them on the drive. After which the users have to face a lot of difficulties. Let’s know about these warning lights so that you never have to face trouble

There are three types of lights on the dashboard.

There are usually three types of lights on the car’s dashboard: Green, Orange, and Red. The lights of these three have different meanings. Greenlight means that there is a sensor activating in your car. In this condition, you can drive a car. The orange light means that the pressure in your car’s tires is low. In this situation, you can drive a car. Apart from this, burning red light means that there is a deficiency in the airbags and brakes of your car. You can drive a car during this time but you have to be careful.

This light is of two types, yellow and red. If the yellow light is on, then understand that the oil level in the engine is low. In this situation the vehicle can be driven, it burns when the oil reaches the minimum level. In this condition, get the oil top-up as soon as possible. If the red light burns continuously, then driving under this condition can be dangerous. So whenever the red light appears on your dashboard, immediately stop the car. Because if the vehicle continues for 15 minutes, the engine can be seized. Little carelessness can do you big harm. If the light is blinking, and the RPM is going to stop increasing, then in this condition, you can drive and take it to the workshop/home. But if you burn continuously, it is sensible to stop the car.

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this light will burn when the coolant temperature is low

There are three types of light in it – Green, Yellow, and Red. Green means that the cooling system is OK and the engine is cool, it can also drive under conditions. The level of yellow ie coolant is low, it needs to be top-up as soon as possible, although it can also be driven under conditions. But if the light turns red, then driving in this condition can be heavy. If the red light burns, the engine may seize within 15 minutes or the head gas kit may explode. After waiting half an hour by standing the car in this condition, carefully open the lid of the coolant and top-up the coolant, check under it that there is no leakage. If it is, consult a mechanic immediately. Therefore, if the red light of coolant temperature burns continuously, do not light it at all.

This light will light on battery problem

It is a battery-charger alert light. If this light burns, then the engine will not seize, but you can definitely get stuck at any place. If you see this light in a moving vehicle, do not stop the car, let it go, and stop only after reaching a stable place like Dhaba or workshop, where the car can stand safely overnight. The arrival of this light means that the battery is not charging and in almost all the circuits and electrical components inside the car, it delivers power from the battery itself. Red light means that the battery is not charging and the power left in the battery is more than 20 km. Can run till then and after that, your engine will shut down, So try to get to a safe place as soon as possible. If possible, check before leaving the house and if this light appears burning then do not drive.