To Increase The Immunity of Children, Feed Them These 6 Things


Increase The Immunity: Children make a lot of tantrums about food, due to which they do not get complete nutrition. In such a situation, due to not eating nutritious things of children, they may have many problems later, so parents must include such things in the diet of children, which can strengthen their growth and immunity. Come, know what are those things which will help to Increase The Immunity of children-


Milk is very important for children of growing age as it contains a sufficient amount of calcium, which makes bones strong. Along with this, milk also contains vitamins A, B2, and B12 which are necessary for physical development.


Eating eggs is beneficial for children of growing age. The amount of protein in it is very high. Eggs contain vitamin D, fat, and iron which are essential for the physical and mental development of children.


is rich in calcium, which strengthens the bones of children. Your child may not like its taste. In this case, you can give soup to your child. Or mix it with other vegetables. Its vegetables can be prepared.

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Blue Barry

is extremely healthy for a very tasty and children in Blue Barry eat there to vitamins C and B, iron, is found in fiber which strengthens bones are Hankblu Barry, you do not have to work much Kilanen because the child fondly eats from.


Curd is an essential thing for growing children. Yogurt makes bones and teeth strong and also gives strength. You can give curd in the form of lassi or in the form of buttermilk to your baby.

Sweet potato

Nothing is better than sweet potato in terms of nutrition. It is very beneficial for the eyes. It contains vitamins A, C, E, calcium, potassium, and iron.

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