Troubleshooting UPI Payment Failures: Tips to Ensure Successful Transactions

Troubleshooting UPI Payment Failures

Troubleshooting UPI Payment Failures: UPI has made everyone’s life easier. Whether you’re shopping at a mall or filling petrol at a gas station, you can complete online payments in just a few seconds. However, with the increasing dependence on UPI, fewer people carry cash nowadays. But if your UPI transaction fails or gets stuck, it can be quite frustrating. In such situations, you wait for the UPI transaction to complete and wonder why you don’t have cash on hand.

Several Reasons for UPI Payment Failures and Here is How Troubleshooting UPI Payment Failures

You might be aware that there are several reasons for UPI payment failures. For example, there are many factors that can cause a transaction to fail, including entering the wrong UPI ID by the receiver, the bank server being down, or your internet not working. If you ever encounter such a payment issue, here’s what you can do to ensure your transaction goes through.

Check UPI Payment Limits

Most banks and payment gateways have imposed a daily limit on UPI transactions. Additionally, as per NPCI guidelines, you can transfer up to 1 lakh INR in a UPI transaction. If you’ve exhausted this limit or have made 10 UPI transactions, you’ll have to wait for 24 hours.

Link Multiple Bank Accounts to Your UPI ID

The most common reason for UPI payment failures or transaction delays is a busy bank server. To avoid such issues, it’s better to link multiple bank accounts with your UPI ID. This way, if one bank’s server is down, you can still make payments through another bank account.

Verify Receiver Details

When transferring money, it’s essential to double-check the recipient’s bank account number and IFSC code. If you enter the wrong IFSC code or account number during the transaction, your transaction can fail.

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Enter the Correct UPI PIN

These days, you need to remember many passwords. It’s possible to forget your UPI PIN as well. Forgetting your PIN can lead to transaction failures. In such a situation, you can reset your PIN by selecting the “Forget UPI PIN” option. If you frequently forget your PIN, it’s a good idea to keep it written down in a secure place.

Check Your Internet Connection

The most critical factor for UPI payment failures or errors is an unstable or slow internet connection. You can move around a bit to check for a better signal. If the person you’re sending money to still has funds, you can ask them to enable a hotspot. To restore your internet connection, you can restart your device.

Use UPI Lite for Payments

If the bank server is slow or there are network issues, you can also use UPI Lite, offered by NPCI. Through UPI Lite, you can make instant payments. However, please note that you can send a maximum of 500 INR using UPI Lite.”

I hope this helps you understand the reasons behind UPI transaction failures and how to deal with them effectively. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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