Truecaller launches new app for women’s safety, tracking location becomes easy


Truecaller (A Caller Identification App) has launched a new app for women’s safety. This app is named Guardians. Through this app, women can always share location with their guardian i.e. family or friends by selecting the always Share location. Or share her location with her family at the time of emergency. 

Women accounted for 40–45% of Truecaller’s total user base

Truecaller said that they have a total of 270 million users in India, of which 200 million are active users and 40–45% are women. This app has been built by the team of Stockholm and India in 15 months. The company says that this app has been specially designed for women’s safety. 

Guardians are different from other personal safety and location sharing apps

Alan Mamedi, co-founder and CEO of Truecaller, has said that hundreds of apps for personal safety and location sharing are in the market. But none of these apps work the way the Guardians app would. He also said that he was seeing the demand of this app in India from day one. The Guardians app will soon be linked to local law enforcement agencies to alert them in the event of an emergency.

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Through the Guardians app, you will be able to share the location with any number of people. 

To use this app, you will have to give permission for location, contacts, and phone. Along with location sharing, the status of your mobile battery and network also gets next. So that they can understand how long the phone will last. The user interface of Guardians is quite simple. Through this app, you can share your location with as many people as you want. And you can stop sharing the location whenever you want. 

An emergency button will be available in the app

The company has said that even though you are sharing the location with this app, but it consumes the least battery of the smartphone. It also has an emergency button that you can notify your guardians by tapping. 

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