Trump’s claim – Johnson & Johnson’s corona vaccine in the last trial, only one dose will work


During the press conference held at the White House following the announcement by Johnson & Johnson about the Corona Vaccine, President Donald Trump expressed his happiness, saying America ) Has every fourth citizen volunteer who has reached the final stage of the company trial.

Amidst the growing cases of the Corona epidemic worldwide, the American company Johnson & Johnson has given news giving relief to the people. The company claims that its Corona Vaccine has now reached the final stage and the results of the investigation on the volcano on which the vaccine was being tested have yielded relief results. The company says that only one dose of this vaccine will start showing effects. 

This announcement was made by johnson & Johnson regarding the Corona vaccine during the press conference held at the White House, President Donald Trump expressed his happiness saying, every fourth citizen of America is a volunteer who has reached the final stage of the company trial. He said that we appeal to American citizens to come forward to enroll for the trials of the corona vaccine.

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Along with this, the US President also said that we have pushed the fastest economic reforms in the history of America. He said that our approach is supportive of science. He also attacked Joe Biden on this occasion and said that I do not know what his vision is.

Donald Trump said that Biden has opposed the ban on travel to China and Europe, which after seeing and hearing it appears that he has a never ending lockdown. While we do not want a lockdown. He said that our plan will crush the corona virus and Biden’s plan will crush America.

to be conducted on 60 thousand people.
It is noteworthy that the drug maker Johnson & Johnson is testing the last phase of the vaccine for Kovid-19. The company said in a statement that in this phase starting from Wednesday, it will be tested whether single-dose vaccines are effective in preventing Kovid-19. This will be larger than all studies done so far on any vaccine of Kovid-19. Under this, vaccines will be tested on 60 thousand people in America, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.

There are high hopes of the Corona vaccine coming up by the end of the year, with
vaccines prepared by Moderna Inc. and Pfizer Inc. in the US, with many other countries in the final stages of vaccine testing. Expectations have been solidified that at least one competent vaccine will come out by or before the end of this year.