WhatsApp Alert! Users who do not accept the new policy will not get the benefit of many features from tomorrow

WhatsApp Alert

WhatsApp Alert! Instant messaging app WhatsApp has postponed the new privacy policy to be implemented from tomorrow i.e. May 15. This means that no user’s account will be deleted anymore. But the company has also told that if no one accepts the privacy policy, then over time the functionality of those WhatsApp users will decrease. So let us tell you which of your features will be discontinued if the policy is not accepted: 

These services will be banned   

According to a WhatsApp spokesperson, those who do not accept the privacy policy will not be able to use many services related to WhatsApp. That is, the company will put them in Limited Functionality Mode. These WhatsApp users will not be able to access their chat list. Users will not be able to make voice and video calls nor will they be able to answer them. With this, WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to your phone and users will not be able to read or reply to the message on their WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp Alert will be coming To accept the privacy policy

According to media reports, the Facebook-owned company will now limit the features or features of the accounts of the users who will not accept the privacy policy. That is why WhatsApp will continue to send reminders to users about the new privacy policy.

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Accepting the new policy will be necessary to run WhatsApp properly

All the calls and messages to those who do not accept the WhatsApp policy will stop receiving. This means that users will have to accept the new policy or else they will lose their account. This makes it seem that WhatsApp still wants to give users more time to consider accepting the new privacy policy.

What is the new policy of WhatsApp?
WhatsApp users who upload, submit, store, send or receive content, the company can use it anywhere. The company can also share that data. It was previously claimed that if the user does not ‘Agree’ this policy, then he will not be able to use his account. However, the company later described it as optional.


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