WhatsApp Introduced 3 New Features, WhatsApp Web Users Will Also Get the Option to Edit Photos

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WhatsApp Introduced 3 New Features: In the last few days, the instant messaging app WhatsApp is giving many features one after the other to its users. In this episode, the company has launched 3 new features. Out of these three features, 2 have been released for the app, while one feature has been introduced for the WhatsApp web. The new feature introduced for WhatsApp Web will help users to edit their photos. In the two features that have been introduced for the mobile app, users will get the features of the Sticker Suggestion and Preview Link option at the time of the chat.

The company says that users’ privacy was taken into account when working on these features, so WhatsApp will not be able to see what users are searching for, and users’ personal messages are always protected by end-to-end encryption.

The WhatsApp company shared a photo on Twitter in which it shared three new features of the messaging platform, which are-

Sticker Suggestion Feature

Under this feature, users can now get suggestions to send stickers on WhatsApp while messaging. Let us tell you that till now WhatsApp used to give suggestions to send emojis during the chat.

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Photo Editor Feature

This feature has been introduced for WhatsApp Web because this feature was already being used by WhatsApp users on the mobile app. Now users on the WhatsApp web will also be able to make some changes in photos such as crop, rotate, and emoji. Let us tell you that earlier this facility was not available on WhatsApp Web.

Preview Link

This feature is for the WhatsApp app. The company has recently brought a new version by updating the feature of its Preview Link. If you send a link to any other WhatsApp, it will get more information along with the link so that it will be able to know to whom the link is related. Now users will not be able to open wrong links.

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