WhatsApp New feature The photo/video sent in the chat will be deleted after viewing it

WhatsApp New feature

WhatsApp New feature: Nowadays, we have started using our phones only for taking photos and making videos. But, we don’t want what we share to be digitally recorded forever. It often happens that the photos were taken from your phone stay in your camera roll forever. That’s why WhatsApp has brought a special feature ‘View Once’ mode. Photos and videos sent with this mode will disappear from the chat once viewed, giving users more privacy. WhatsApp is bringing this feature for everyone from this week, for which WhatsApp has also wanted to know people’s feedback.

According to the information received from the WhatsApp blog, you can use this feature to share any private information or moments like when you are trying new clothes in a store or share Wi-Fi password or any Why not have a special moment?

Like the personal messages you send on WhatsApp, the media you send through View Once is protected with end-to-end encryption so that even WhatsApp can’t see it. You will see “1” written on such messages. After viewing the photo or video, the status of the message will change to ‘Opened’, so that you do not have any kind of confusion.

How does the new feature of WhatsApp works?

If you send a disappearing message on WhatsApp, you will see a ‘View Once’ icon on the media. There will be no preview for the recipient. After the user has seen it, it cannot be opened again. This is similar to similar features in Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

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Facebook has told that after viewing the photo or video, the message will remain as ‘Opened’ so that it will not be difficult to know what was happening in the chat.

To send a view once photo or video to anyone on WhatsApp, the user has to use the app’s camera. After taking a photo or video from it, tap on the icon which will send it as a view once.

With this feature, after sending a photo or video, the user will not be able to open it again and the recipient will also be able to see it only once.

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