Will Priyanka Chopra get divorced from his husband Nick Jonas? The actress herself told the truth by commenting


Priyanka Chopra Removed Surname removed her husband’s surname from her social media accounts. He also removed ‘Chopra’ along with the surname ‘Jonas’. Since then, speculations have started that Priyanka is getting divorced from her American singer and musician husband Nick Jonas. People started feeling that nothing is going well between Priyanka and Nick and both are going to separate. Although Priyanka was revealed by a comment that she wants to get divorced or wants to stay with her husband?

Actually, Nick Jonas Video has shared a video of his workout on Instagram a few hours ago. In this, Nick can be seen doing hard workouts. Priyanka Chopra has commented on this post amidst all the roomers. Who debunks the rumors of divorce. She has expressed her wish in her comment that she wants to be with her husband for the rest of her life and wants to die in his arms.

Photo Credits: Instagram Videograb @nickjonas)

Priyanka Chopra(Reaction) wrote in her comment, “Amazing! I want to die in your arms.” Along with this, he also made emojis with love in the eyes and with hearts. It is clear from this comment of Priyanka Chopra that she does not want to be separated from Nick. Wants to spend life with them. People have gotten relief from this comment of Priyanka. Thousands of people have liked this comment of Priyanka and expressed happiness over the comment.

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Madhu Chopra’s reaction

Earlier, mother Madhu Chopra reacted to the divorce of daughter Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. He talked about the rumors of trouble going on in the marriage of daughter Priyanka Chopra and Nick (Priyanka Nick Divorce Rumours) on social media and said, “This is all nonsense, don’t spread rumors.”

The marriage took place according to Hindu-Christian customs

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas had a royal wedding in Jodhpur, Rajasthan in 2018. First, both of them were married according to Hindu and then Christian customs. Priyanka met Nick when she went to America to act in Hollywood shows and films.

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